Street Fighter Midfeld line Maxi Round short carbon GP Style
499.00 TTC
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All our exhaust systems are approved according to the european standards (97/24/CE du 17 juin 1997). They are equipped with removable db killers. The approval certificate is delivered inside the package.
No change or amendment needs to be done for the mounting. Our silencers (mufflers) are to be mounted instead of the genuine ones, attachments and necessary staff for mountage are provided.
Silences (mufflers) are customized and made only when ordered. The time for delivery goes from 10 to 20 days approximately, starting when payment is received.
The delivery is provided by colissimo (french post) with insurance and available follow-up.

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by Ionut-Cristian Colesnicenco Date Added: Friday 30 August, 2019
I love my new exhaust!

Before my Streetfighter 848 wouldn't like anything bellow 4000rpm, and had a very noticeable dip in power around 3000 rpm. With the new Fresco exhaust it now feels a lot better at those rpms although not quite perfect.
I've also noticed power gains in higher revs too as I feel the bike is now a lot lighter on the front wheel and happy to wheelie under acceleration.

The quality and amplitude of the sound is greatly improved from the stock exhaust.
I found that with the db killer is a little bit too quiet, as you would expect from a road legal exhaust, but taking it off turns it into a beast. I actually think it is too loud without the db killer. Can you imagine!?
Drivers hear me from a mile away and make room for me when filtering. Everybody turns their heads to check it out.
I previously also owned Termi cans and the Fresco without the db killer is definitely louder I would say.

The fact that I have an homologation certificate with it gives me peace of mind that if I get any issues with MOT or the police then I can prove the exhaust is road legal.
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1. Bonjour, je voudrais savoir en quel matière est faite la demi ligne, en acier, en inox ou autre. Merci d avance pour votre réponse. Cordialement. de Frédéric

M M E -- Cette demi ligne est en Inox. Possibilité de l'avoir en titane, dans ce cas faire une demande de devis par le biais de notre formulaire de contact.

2. Bonjour, avec cette ligne doit-on reprogrammer le calculateur d'injection? Ou se monte t-il sans risque pour le moteur dans la configuration d'origine? Merci! de Wilson

M M E -- Non avec la demi ligne pas besoin de reprogrammer, cela est nécessaire que dans le cas du montage d'une ligne complète.

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