135.00€ TTC

690 Duke 2012-2016 Bypass

Date Added: Tuesday 03 November, 2015

by Don Rayburn

Ordered my pipe on 9/21/15 and received my pipe on 10/31/15. Upon opening the box I was very pleased with the quality of the welds and the nice brushed finish matched the stock header very well. During installation I did hit a few snags as I found the flares on each end were too large to get the stock clamps around so that the bolts could be started. I filed away about 1mm on both the header side and muffler side of the bypass pipe and it finally fit. The sound at idle is very pleasing and at 4K rpm it really gets loud with the stock muffler. Bad weather has prevented me from being able to ride it much so I can't vouch for the durability yet. Overall I think you do get what you pay for but I wish the pipe had the same machined mating flanges that the stock muffler has and I think the resulting price increase would be well worth it. But price was a concern of mine since this was an experiment so I guess I am not complaining.

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