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690 Duke 2012-2016 Bypass

Date Added: Wednesday 07 October, 2015

by jason hunt

I received my bypass in a quicker time than was expected. Fitment was somewhat easy. Just had to open up the pipe clamps a little bit to allow the clamp to fit on the bypass.
The rear bypass hanger/mounting tab that is welded to the pipe and bolts to the frame just before the muffler/can, well, after about 5 months on the bike, the weld has completely broken, so the mounting plate has separated from the bypass pipe. Now I have to find someone locally who can weld stainless.
Other than the broken weld, I like the pipe. It really makes the oil changes much easier and less messy! Overall, a good product, just wish the weld would have held. Could be an alignment issue where the mounting tab is not aligned correctly with the frame.
M M E :: Thank you for your feedback, we have shared your comments to our Fresco provider to see this problem.
Thank you for your trust and sorry for this little problem.

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