690 Duke 2012-2016 Bypass
135.00 TTC
Availability: See Product Details tab
Model: 690DUKE-12-16-BYPASS
- Weight gain approx. 4.5 Kg

All our catalyst suppressants must not be used on open road and have no legal approvals, we can not be held liable for any reason whatsoever on their use outside the legislation in force.
No change or amendment needs to be done for the mounting. Our bypass are to be mounted instead of the genuine ones.
Bypass are customized and made only when ordered. The time for delivery goes from 10 to 20 days approximately, starting when payment is received.
The delivery is provided by colissimo (french post) with insurance and available follow-up.

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by Maciej Gniot Date Added: Sunday 31 August, 2014
I got in post very quickly before estimated time which was really nice.Good looking pipe.Some scratches on the surface , welding and polish could be better however obviously this not affects the performance .I took me from the start to finish about 1,5 hours to replace the cat with this pipe.I have to say I am not a mechanic.Easy fitting ,pipe nicely seats where it should.In terms of the sound it is mental now,real badboy now.Good value.I would recommend.
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by jason hunt Date Added: Wednesday 07 October, 2015
I received my bypass in a quicker time than was expected. Fitment was somewhat easy. Just had to open up the pipe clamps a little bit to allow the clamp to fit on the bypass.
The rear bypass hanger/mounting tab that is welded to the pipe and bolts to the frame just before the muffler/can, well, after about 5 months on the bike, the weld has completely broken, so the mounting plate has separated from the bypass pipe. Now I have to find someone locally who can weld stainless.
Other than the broken weld, I like the pipe. It really makes the oil changes much easier and less messy! Overall, a good product, just wish the weld would have held. Could be an alignment issue where the mounting tab is not aligned correctly with the frame.
M M E :: Thank you for your feedback, we have shared your comments to our Fresco provider to see this problem.
Thank you for your trust and sorry for this little problem.
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by Don Rayburn Date Added: Tuesday 03 November, 2015
Ordered my pipe on 9/21/15 and received my pipe on 10/31/15. Upon opening the box I was very pleased with the quality of the welds and the nice brushed finish matched the stock header very well. During installation I did hit a few snags as I found the flares on each end were too large to get the stock clamps around so that the bolts could be started. I filed away about 1mm on both the header side and muffler side of the bypass pipe and it finally fit. The sound at idle is very pleasing and at 4K rpm it really gets loud with the stock muffler. Bad weather has prevented me from being able to ride it much so I can't vouch for the durability yet. Overall I think you do get what you pay for but I wish the pipe had the same machined mating flanges that the stock muffler has and I think the resulting price increase would be well worth it. But price was a concern of mine since this was an experiment so I guess I am not complaining.
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by David Wendland Date Added: Thursday 18 August, 2016
Very happy! Got my exhaust and it looked great. I did have some trouble putting it on. The stock clamps didn't look big enough. So I Contacted MME by email. Got super fast response they explained to me how to get the clamps started. After that it went on perfect. Taking off the CAT made the bike look better! sound better! Feel lighter! Great product! Great seller!
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by John McQueen Date Added: Monday 28 November, 2016
Order time was about one month to USA. Nice quality with easy installation. Looks great compared to cat, 12 lb. weight savings, running and sounding very good with stock muffler. Excellent value and I give high rating for this product.
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1. S adapte t il avec un silencieux akra . de Bonnery

M M E -- Oui ce supprimme catalyseur reprend les côtes du catalyseur, donc bien compatible avec les autres marques de silencieux. Attention le modèle ixil hyperlow n'est pas compatible.

2. Bonjour, Pouvez-vous me dire si cest bien compatible avec le silencieux dorigine ? Que vais-je gagner au niveau son / couple / etc. ? Merci davance. de Quentin LD

M M E -- Oui c'est bien compatible, ce supprime catalyseur reprend les côtes du catalyseur donc pas de soucis. Le gain sera surtout sonore et au niveau du poids. Le comportement moteur sera modifier au niveau des plages de couple avec une monté plus rapide dans les tours.

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